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Business language lessons from intermediate (B1) level upwards. The main goal of this course is to gain the ability to use Polish accurately and fluently in a business and corporate environment, including:

– meetings and business trips
– phone calls
– presentations
– conducting business negotiations
– writing correspondance


During the course you will also develop grammar knowledge and increase the amount of specialist vocabulary in a given field.

During the classes we use my own materials or we choose a book available on the market.

There are 3 types of packages. It is up to you when you will use the selected class package.

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[minti_pricingplan name=”STANDARD PACKAGE” price=”1200 PLN” per=”10 lessons” color=”#00b386″][/minti_pricingplan]
[minti_pricingplan name=”STANDARD PLUS PACKAGE” price=”1700 PLN” per=”15 lessons” color=”#00b386″][/minti_pricingplan]
[minti_pricingplan name=”PREMIUM PACKAGE” price=”2000 PLN” per=”20 classes” color=”#00b386″][/minti_pricingplan]
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