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Classes designed for people who would like to break the language barrier and gain more confidence in speaking. Consequently, we are going to improve fluency as well as accuracy. We work using authentic materials (press, radio broadcasts, TV shows, literature) in order to enable contact with natural language in social situations.

During the classes, we also expand the vocabulary from various fields and activate what you know passively.

The materials are based on your interests and learning goals.

There are 3 types of packages. It is up to you when you will use the selected class package.

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[minti_pricingplan name=”PAKIET STANDARD” price=”1000 PLN” per=”10 zajęć” color=”#00b386″][/minti_pricingplan]
[minti_pricingplan name=”PAKIET STANDARD PLUS” price=”1425 PLN” per=”15 zajęć” color=”#00b386″][/minti_pricingplan]
[minti_pricingplan name=”PAKIET PREMIUM” price=”1700 PLN” per=”20 zajęć” color=”#00b386″][/minti_pricingplan]
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