Regulations for conducting foreign language classes via skype

1. Bogusława Zielińska running a business under the name LINGUA STUDIO Bogusława Zielińska NIP: 8172185372, hereinafter referred to as the teacher declares that she has the skills and knowledge needed to teach a foreign language.

2. Classes take place from Monday to Friday at a time individually fixed with the client.

3. The teacher and the student agree together on the schedule of classes for the next calendar month:
– for a new student – during the first class;
– in the case of students already attending the course – at the latest during the last class in a given calendar month.

4. In case of declaring the number of classes in a given month, the client undertakes to pay the fee for the declared classes.
4.1. If the client do not pay the fee by the 10th of the month, classes after this date will not take place.
4.2 In the situation described in section 4.2.,the teacher reserves the right to have classes with another client at this time.
4.3 In case the first class with a new student fall after the 10th day of the month, the student is required to pay for the declared classes in a given month, by the end of the week in which the first classes were held.

5. In case of failure to comply with the deadline due to the teacher’s fault, he undertakes to make up for missed class at the earliest possible date, taking into account the client’s hourly preferences, unless other classes are held at that time.
5.1. If, in the case described in point 5, it is not possible to agree on a convenient time for the lesson, the teacher undertakes to refund the payment for the class that has not taken place due to the teacher’s fault.

6. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the classes, the client undertakes to inform the teacher at least 24 hours before the agreed start time of the class, about his/her intention to cancel the lesson.
6.1. In case of cancellation of classes in the situation described in point 6, the classes will be completed at the time agreed by both the teacher and the client.
6.2. If the client does not inform about the intention to cancel classes within 24 hours before the agreed start time of the class, the lesson is treated as completed, and the client is not entitled to make up for the course or get a refund.

7. If the number of cancellations exceeds 50% of the fixed number of lessons in a month for two consecutive months, the teacher reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the client.

8. The client may resign from classes at any time of the month, subject to a 1 week’s notice period.